Writing Can Be Murder

February 29, 2008

How’s it going?

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  ’nuff said


February 28, 2008


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Have you ever hated anyone?

I recently had a conversation with an old friend in which she said she’d never hated anyone before. Now we’ve been friends since being partnered in a seventh grade science class, so I know her pretty well, and I believe she’s never hated anyone before, but still it was an unusual notion for me to swallow.

 So I’ve been thinking about hatred a lot. People kill because they hate all the time, right?

What I’ve come to realize is that I’ve never, in my fiction, had someone kills someone else because they hated them. I wonder why that is….

Isn’t that interesting?

February 27, 2008


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I once read a story about a struggling playwright who, when his play was finally launched, plastered the walls of the set with all of the actual rejection letters he’d received for said play.

I’ve been thinking about that as I steadily collect my own set of rejection letters this week. Two for partials on a novel, and one on a short story. It’s only Wednesday morning, so it’s conceivable that I could at least paper a bathroom by the end of the week.

February 26, 2008


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Last night I had one where I was in a tattoo parlor with my husband (neither of us is inked, so the setting was bizarre). We were arguing about the fact that he’d just married another woman as a publicity stunt for his business (which, if you knew what business he is in, you’d know that a publicity stunt is the last thing he’d do).

 I’ve also started sleepwalking again. Not good.

I’m always so jealous of writers who say they dream about their stories. I don’t. Which is probably a good thing since I write about murder.

What do YOU dream about?

February 24, 2008


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Is it any surprise that my favorite yoga pose is the corpse?

February 21, 2008

Good news all around

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This has been a great week.

 A couple of friends have had good news to share this week. I’m SOOO happy for them.

ETA: Make that three friends! Woo hoo!

Common household torture devices

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Yesterday I went to Walmart to figure out exactly what the baddie in my WIP could use to torture his victims.

I spent quite a while trolling the aisles and taking notes. There was LOTS of good stuff, but no, I didn’t buy any of it.

February 20, 2008

I’m on a roll! and I’ve got to go to Walmart

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Yesterday I started the week finding out that I’m a finalist in a screenwriting contest.

 Today I rec’d an email from an agent requesting a full of my book. From her note, it seems that she enjoyed the first three chapters. Yay!

Tomorrow I’m going to Walmart! (okay, really not all that exciting)  I was writing a scene that takes place in a Walmart and I’ve decided I need to go do some research. Think they’ll look at me strangely as I walk around taking notes? They’ll probably think I’m casing the joint.

“Daring Heist at Walmart — News at Eleven!”

February 19, 2008

Castro resigned — there goes another book idea

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I know a few people who are from Cuba. They hate Fidel Castro with a passion that’s usually reserved by Yankees fans for the Boston Red Sox (or vice versa) or to be more accurate, the way Palestinians hate Israelis (and vice versa). They live a culture of hatred that permeates their every day living.

I’ve been kicking an idea around about a woman raised in Miami (her pregnant mother barely escaped Cuba, her father didn’t make it) who has brainwashed her now twenty-year-old child into returning to their homeland and assassinating Fidel.

Another idea bites the dust.

Why Federal holidays should be banned:

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They screw with my writing routine.

Yesterday was a holiday in the US.  An excuse for banks to close, postal carriers to put their feet up, and certain businesses to say “what the hell” and give employees a three day weekend.

I’m sure a lot of people thought it was a great day. I’m not one of them. The holiday, combined with the fact that Mother Nature decided to make the day freakishly warm for a day in February on the East Coast, screwed up my writing routine.

The two places that I normally write at were FILLED. I’m talking no spots in the lot, better call the fire department to make sure they’re not over capacity, kind of filled. With happy, yakking people. They ruined my writing day.

I would have gone to bask in the relative quiet of the library, but it was closed. Why?

You guessed it — the federal holiday.

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