Writing Can Be Murder

February 14, 2008


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 Isn’t that what the rat said in “Charlotte’s Web”?

 Welcome! If you’ve managed to find this, my tiny corner of the www, c’mon in. (Just be warned that I’m known for killing people……..in my books and screeplays)

 A number of people have been at me to blog again, so I’ve decided to start fresh.  I’ll do my best to update this regularly (even though I’m pretty sure I’ve got nothing worthwhile to say most of the time).

Today, wandering around the bookstore I saw the book, “Depression for Dummies”.  PEOPLE you don’t need to read a book to figure out how to be depressed…just write one and try to sell it.   ;)

 So what’s new?

Me? I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

 I’m waiting to hear about a screenwriting contest that I’m a semi-finalist in (results should be out today).

I’m waiting to hear from those powers-on-high who have my suspense novel.  Some of them have only had it since the beginning of December, so I’ve got quite a wait ahead of me. (So far I’ve gotten two rejections on this book from agents.)

I’m waiting to hear about the queries I’ve got floating out there. (Bonus points today since I rec’d a rejection in my morning email!)

I’m waiting to find out the status of a few short stories I’ve submitted.

See what I mean? I’m spending a great deal of time waiting.  While I’m waiting, I’m also writing.

I’m working on a thriller right now. It’s giving me fits. I’ve written about 25,000 words (1/4 of the book) and today I went and wrote a whole new opening scene from the pov of a character I had never written a pov scene for. Basically, I’m lost. aaaahhhh!

I’m also reading quite a bit. Not that I can say much about that since most of it is critique work for writer friends, but I can say I’ve been reading some damn good stuff lately.


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