Writing Can Be Murder

April 18, 2008

Serial Killer Actress

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I’ve been emailing back and forth with writer/composer Joel Derfner www.joelderfner.com

Joel and I met a few years ago during one of the…most…um….uh… interesting (yeah, that’s politically correct) experiences of my creative life. Although we didn’t work together directly, I was impressed both with his talent and sense of humor.

Back then he’d just published his first book “Gay Haiku” (funny, funny book!).  Now he’s getting ready for the release of his next book on May 13th — “SWISH: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever”.

So yesterday I sent him a shorthand email which said, “I think of “Temporary” every time I see an ad featuring that actress with the serial killer name.”  (“Temporary” is one of the songs he co-wrote.)

Yes, I DO have serial killers on the brain. An hour later I sent him a much longer email explaining who the “actress with the serial killer name” is.  She’s actually Laura Bell Bundy (southern — three names — Bundy — in my head that makes perfect sense) who is currently starring in Legally Blonde on Broadway. (And for the record, she seemed like a very nice person when I met her…I don’t really think she’s a serial killer.)

My internal editor was taking a coffee break when I wrote the poor man that email.  She takes a lot of coffee breaks, so my apologies to everyone else who has to put up with me.

And best of luck to Joel on the release of SWISH!


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