Writing Can Be Murder

May 18, 2008


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Another reason I don’t like to give blood is that I have low blood pressure (on a good day it’ll register at 90/60).  My resting pulse hovers around sixty. This always causes the admitting nurse concern or confusion. They always check it at least twice even though I tell them that it’s “normal” for me.

The, oh-that’s-gonna-leave-marks of the blood pressure cuff is not the problem. The problem is that once they’ve successfully stuck me,  I only have a finite amount of time to fill the donation bag with my blood. My blood just doesn’t “flow” fast enough no matter how fast or hard I squeeze the little ball they shove into my hand.  Once the staff realizes this, my donation turns into a three ring circus (considering I’m a shy person, I am NOT happy to receive the attention of everyone in the place).

One person grabs my needle-free arm and begins lifting it up and down like they’re pumping a well at a campground site. Another person starts chanting “Cough. Cough. Cough again!: (they tell me this raises blood pressure). A third person then starts the countdown, “She’s only got two minutes left…90 seconds…a minute…”.

I often wonder what the other people donating blood think of my flailing-around-TB-coughing self who is apparently going to expire at any moment.              


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