Writing Can Be Murder

August 25, 2008

Not bad for only one cup of coffee

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My regular mechanic, who is a very cool guy, is on vacation (in Japan, because yeah, he’s a cool guy) so two days in a row last week I had to deal with Other Guy.

Other Guy is more of a challenge. For one thing, he’s moody. For another he carries a big knife which makes me a little nervous. And lastly, he’s just not “my” guy who discusses the work of David Sedaris while he writes up the order for an oil change.

The first day Other Guy says, “Want to see some pictures?”

“Of what?” I ask warily.

“My grandsons.”

Safe enough, so I looked at the pictures.

The next morning, when I’m operating on just one cup of coffee, and the whole world should know not to start up with me, Other Guy says, “I was just sexually harassed.”

And without a beat I managed to come up with, “By a man or a woman? And more importantly, did you enjoy it?”

Other Guy’s face fell.

The New Guy who had listened to the exchange started to laugh uncontrollably.


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  1. Nice comeback. No pun intended. Sounds like the type of guy who was planning on enjoying making you uncomfortable with his story, and you went and took all his fun away. Kudos!

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — August 25, 2008 @ 5:27 pm | Reply

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