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September 17, 2008

Where art thou Coffee Cup?

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Some people lose their keys, others misplace their eyeglasses. Me? I lose my coffee cup. I put my keys in the same place 90% of the time, so they’re not a problem to track down. Since I’m unable to see my bedside clock without my specs, I don’t get out of bed without putting on my glasses, so I never lose them (except when I move them when I’m sleepwalking, which is a whole other problem).

But I lose my coffee cup multiple times a day.

Our condo is small enough that I can vacuum the entire place by plugging in the damn thing only twice (if you knew how much I hated lugging the Hoover up and down the stairs in our old house you’d understand that this is a gigantic treat for me) but it can take me 15 minutes to find my coffee cup.

I take it with me when I’m going to get dressed. I have it with me when I talk on the phone. I might need a sip to get through my dvd workout (not that I’m an addict or anything). I drink it while I fold laundry. I carry it while I pace (I pace A LOT while I write, which is why I need the damn vacuum).  I put the cup down anywhere and everywhere and then I wander around trying to find it.

What do you lose on a regular basis? (and no, you can’t tell me your mind)


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  1. Sadly, I lose my oven mitts. You’d think in a small kitchen they’d be easy to find, but I’ll put them by the microwave, or on the table and then go looking on the hooks [which are there specifically to hang the oven mitts] and they’re not there and I end up spinning around in the kitchen trying to find them.

    I often lose my car keys IN my purse. I know they’re in there. I can hear them jingling, but I still can’t find them.

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — September 18, 2008 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

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