Writing Can Be Murder

May 19, 2009

Personal Space

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I spent HOURS at a graduation ceremony this wknd, which by definition means my personal space was infringed upon. Okay, I expect that.

But what about personal space, not in terms of people standing or sitting too close, but people who invade my personal airspace?

Like the guy who kept singing “see the usa in a chevrolet”

Or the couple who, as they sat behind me, sang Happy Birthday into a cell phone to a SIXTY year old?

Or the idiot woman who has mastered the obvious. “Oh look their gowns are black” “They’ve got a beach ball” “They’re hitting it around.” “Oh look it’s another ball.” “Hey, they’ve got another ball!” “She’s got blonde hair!” “He’s in a wheelchair.” “He took their beach ball away.”

I somehow managed from screaming, “Shut the #$%^ up!” but why can’t people exercise just a bit of consideration? grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!


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