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August 31, 2009

And it’s Monday

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I read everything I wrote last week straight through, and miracle of miracles, it’s working!!!!!!!!!! Sure, I’ve got some self-indulgent ticks I’ve got to weed out (who knew I had such an affinity for similes?) and some areas that need some more details, but all in all I’m pleased with the draft so far. I’m really trying to be conscious of characterization in this draft, while at the same time not sacrificing plot. I’m excited about moving forward this week!!!

If I can just stay awake…

Terrible, TERRIBLE night’s sleep last night. Partly my own fault — I suffer from Pre-Long-Run-Anxiety. (Deepest apologies to Long Suffering for keeping him up.) While I’m partially blame, I’m betting the gushing water main-pipe-thingee outside our bedroom window was a contributing factor too.

ANYWAY — I was exhausted, but I dragged my tired butt to the park. And I tried to do my workout, I really did. Sometimes just starting makes all the difference. Once I start moving, I tend to feel better. But not today.

I think I’ve got some low grade bug — yesterday I couldn’t make out the flavors of food or beverages and was FREEZING (even when the thermostat said 77 I had a sweater on). Today I’ve got a headache, still can’t make sense of tastes (for example, right now I’m drinking Blueberry Cobbler coffee but it tastes like coconut to me) and I’m feeling more achy than usual.

I’d already made the decision to cut my workout WAY short when a pack of wild beasts descended upon me. Their footsteps echoing through the forest, their alien calls wafting through the air.

Yup, a local high school’s cross-country track team was doing a practice run. Imagine thirty teenagers running at you at full speed. Harrowing!!!!!!!!!!

So I did three lousy miles. I’ll try for a longer run later in the week.

To perk myself up I’m going to listen to another episode of “Two Gomers Run a Half Marathon” a podcast which I’m just loving, done by these two couch potatoes who, as the title suggests, are trying to run a half marathon. I’m only up to episode 4 (I think their race was in January so I’ve got a bunch more to listen to before I get caught up.) but so far every podcast has made me laugh and given me hope. If you’re interested just type “two gomers” into iTunes.


Training Blog for the Week of 8/30/09

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Where I’m at:

Writing — Last week the word count was 1444. Today, after a week’s worth of writing and edits it stands at 10,624 — so 9180 for the week.
Not as much as I’d hoped (11,250) but not a bad week. It deserves a “B”.

Running — My long run was a mile short (7 instead of 8) but my mid-week run was my fastest yet, and I improved my speed on the treadmill yesterday, so I’m giving myself a “B”.

Plan for the week

Sunday – Writing: Edit (did that and inputted all changes)
Running: Rest

Monday – Writing: Write 2000 words
Running: 5 to 9 miles (cuz here’s the thing, my schedule says I should do 5, but the weather’s gonna be PERFECT, and the next week I’ve got to do 10 so….)

Tuesday – Writing: Write 2500 words
Running: REST

Wednesday – Writing: 2500
Running: 45 minutes of strength training

Thursday – Writing: 2500
Running: 50 minutes of running

Friday — Writing: 2000
Running: Strenth Training 1 hour
30 minutes walking

Saturday — Writing: Edit
Running: Run 35 minutes — avg under 15:10

August 29, 2009

Death and ….

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Forgot to post yesterday. Just checked, and I wrote 1710 yesterday. All in all, not a bad week production wise. Today I’m working on editing the week’s mess.

It’s raining, so it was a treadmill workout today. Yuck. Very strange to watch Senator Kennedy’s funeral while listening to the Black-Eyed Peas, esp when Placido Domingo and Yo-Yo Ma were on screen….

August 27, 2009

Life Story on a t-shirt

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I passed a “runner” today who was wearing a very old tee. (Granted, the guy probably had thirty years on me, but I, the slowest “runner” I know actually passed him. I never pass anyone who isn’t walking with at least one cane.)

I noticed his shirt because I was running the “snoot route” which winds through a neighborhood where, even in this economy, houses range in price from 1.5 to 3 milliion dollars. No one wears old clothes on this route.

And his shirt was definitely old. It wasn’t screen printed. Someone had actually ironed on each of the fuzzy letters that spelled out the shirt’s message. I smiled at what the back of the shirt said, “Three Speeds: Slow, Slower, Dead”.

Half an hour later I passed him again, but this time we were face-to-face, and I was doing my cool down which meant I was walking, which meant I actually had some oxygen flowing to my brain.

The front of his shirt said, “Cancer Diagnosis: August 27, 1982 — STILL HERE”.

As he got closer my brain whirred: Mom’s birthday is Sunday. That’s the 30th. (Oh crap! I forgot to mail her card.) Okay so Sunday’s the 30th, Saturday’s the 29th, Friday’s the 28th, so today’s the 27th. Yeah, today’s definitely the 27th…I think.

Pointing at his shirt, I said, “Happy Anniversary!”

And he smiled, the smuggest smile I’ver ever seen on a man as he said, “Thank you. I’m still here.”

Why I sometimes screen calls

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Last night I was in the middle of writing a very suspenseful scene. A countdown is about to start. Lives hang in the balance. My bad guy’s set his stopwatch. He says “Ready, Set, Go!” and starts his watch with a BEEP!

And the phone rings!


And jumped out of my seat.

And The Dog of Death barked.

The adrenaline coursing through my body (tho it felt centered in my chest) made me sick to my stomach.

This is why I sometimes screen my calls. Sometimes I can’t just pick up the phone and have a conversation that would consist of more than babbling gibberish. (Thankfully, it was Long Suffering who is all too well accustomed to the whims of my psyche.)

I forgot to post my progress last night: I wrote 2778 words and did my strength training.

Today I’ve got 3000 on tap and 50 minutes of running. I’m not feeling particularly confident this morning. I’m tired and I feel fried. Hopefully things will get better as the day progresses….I’ll check in this afternoon to post an update (that will hopefully include an accomplishment or two).

ETA: Noon — I did my 50 minute run (at an average pace of 15 min per mile which was WAY better than my goal of 15:30 and a personal best for me. When I was done, I walked an extra mile of cool down to make up for the mile I didn’t do Tuesday.)
I’ll check in again with my writing progress later in the day.

ETA: 9pm — Go forward not back idiot! I’m pretty sure I deleted more than I wrote today. I don’t dare look at the disappointing numbers. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day…

August 26, 2009

Writing and Cooking

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As I’m freeing up my writing, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten looser with my cooking this week. Interesting how being creative in one facet of life spills into other areas.

For Monday’s dinner I added ground ginger to our wilted kale. Yum!

For yesterday’s lunch I marinated beef in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, garlic and … raspberry preserves. Double yum!!

2750 words to write today + I’m going to read over Mon and Tuesday’s work.

45 minutes of strength training

August 25, 2009

Dead mice and paddocks

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Well, this morning I did 7 miles of running/walking/shuffling. 8 were on the schedule, but I just wasn’t up to that last mile. For one thing, it was hotter than they’d predicted (heat is the enemy) and for another, it was a rough start because when I got to the park where I do my long distances it was closed. (I SWEAR it was after dawn so it should have been open.) Since the parking lot was locked I went in search of another parking lot (being my directionally challenged self, I first got lost, but eventually I found it). It too was locked, so I said “screw it” and parked on the side of the road with some other brave/foolish souls and headed into the deep, dark forest (ok, that’s a tad dramatic).

Running in the woods is interesting. For one thing, it’s too dark to wear my sunglasses, so it’s the only time I’m ever without them while outside. As I’ve mentioned, the humidity has been awful lately which means a good deal of the running surface is covered with moss — moss is slippery, so it adds an extra challenging dimension, esp. on hills and wooden bridges.

Mice — And then there are the animals. 8 weeks ago it was the herds of deer that kept leaping out, scaring the crap out of me. Then it was the snakes — for a couple weeks I couldn’t complete a run without leaping over one. Now it’s mice. Specifically dead mice. Ewww. Today I skirted around three dead mice. They didn’t appear to be mauled, and they’re certainly not starving this time of year, so I don’t know what killed them.

Paddocks — I pass two horse farms/stables on my long route. The horses are beautiful. The smell is not. Last week, or maybe the week before, a good friend suggested to me that I unlock the paddocks that my writing was locked up in, and run free. (hence this whole banging out a draft in 8 weeks or less thing I’m on) It’s an interesting image though, isn’t it? Where would you run if you weren’t so boxed in by rules and expectations?

As I finished mile six, I was beating myself up for considering not doing an eighth mile. (I EXCEED at beating myself up.) I started thinking about how the run had been a lot like writing. I’d had a difficult time getting started, I’d encountered a series of obstacles (nothing major this week, thank goodness) and I was considering stopping because I felt kinda sick (come on, admit it, sometimes when you’ve written for a long time it feels like your head will explode at any minute, doesn’t it?). This helped me to make the decision to stop at 7 miles because I know myself, I can push too hard and too long, but then I burnout, and I didn’t want to risk that.

So now I’ve got 7 miles down and 2500 words to go…

Today’s Count — 2610 (which is oddly close to yesterday’s)

August 24, 2009

A less than glorious start

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After a terrible night’s sleep, I woke up feeling “ick” so I’ve made the executive decision to run tomorrow instead of today (humidity should be lower tomorrow too — woohoo!).

So I don’t have to beat myself up for being a slacker I’m going to write an additional 1000 words today.

I’ll check in later to report on my progress.

ETA as of 5pm I’ve written 1932 words and when I input the wknd edits the word count increased an additional 599 words, so right now the word count is hovering just below 4000. I need to add another 600 to meet the day’s goal — shouldn’t be a problem

The Day’s Wrap-up: A total of 2608 words for the day. Current word count: 4667.

August 23, 2009

Training Blog for the Week of 8/23/09

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Where I’m at:

Writing: This book has been giving me fits for months. While I love my overall concept, I haven’t figured out how to deliver it. I’ve written (and scrapped) countless pages, characters and scenes. Now I’ve decided to just commit to the beginning I wrote last week (which consists of a whopping 1444 words) and follow it through to the end.

Running: Two weeks ago I ran/walked six miles for my long run. Last week I was scheduled to cover seven, but with temps in the 90s and the humidity in the stratosphere, that didn’t happen.

Here’s my plan for the week:

Sunday: Writing — edit
Running — rest (it’s always good to start with the easy stuff)

Monday: Writing — input all wknd edits + write 1500 words
Running — 8 miles (run 2:30/ walk 2:30 — repeat endlessly)
Goal: average under 16:30 per mile (I’m slow)

Tuesday:Writing — write 2500 words
Running — rest!

Wednesday: Writing — write 2750
Running — 45 minutes of strength training

Thursday: Writing — write 3000
Running — R-3/W-2 for 50 minutes
Goal – Avg under 15:30 per mile

Friday: Writing — write 1500 words
Running –1 hour strenth training
Walk 30 minutes

Saturday: Writing — Edit week’s work
Running — R3/W1 for 36 minutes
Goal: Avg under 15:30

Eight Weeks to the Finish Line

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Over the next eight weeks I plan to write the damn novel that I keep starting and stopping.

At the same time, I’m in training since I’m going attempt to complete a half-marathon on October 18th. (Which in my world means I’m going to run, jog, walk, shuffle, crawl — hell, I’m not above piggybacking on some hapless soul).

For those of you who boast a measure of sanity and have never wanted to tackle such insane tasks — that’s 80-90,000 words and/or 13.1 miles.

I’ve noticed over the past two months (yay me for getting halfway through my marathon training!) that I “run” (if you could see my tortoise-like pace you’d know how loosely I use that term…of course you’d also have tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard) like I write.

Gritting my teeth.
Wondering why the hell I’m doing this.

So I thought it would be an interesting experiment to keep a “training blog” (ha! I’ve coined a useless phrase) of both projects over the next two months.

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