Writing Can Be Murder

August 23, 2009

Training Blog for the Week of 8/23/09

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Where I’m at:

Writing: This book has been giving me fits for months. While I love my overall concept, I haven’t figured out how to deliver it. I’ve written (and scrapped) countless pages, characters and scenes. Now I’ve decided to just commit to the beginning I wrote last week (which consists of a whopping 1444 words) and follow it through to the end.

Running: Two weeks ago I ran/walked six miles for my long run. Last week I was scheduled to cover seven, but with temps in the 90s and the humidity in the stratosphere, that didn’t happen.

Here’s my plan for the week:

Sunday: Writing — edit
Running — rest (it’s always good to start with the easy stuff)

Monday: Writing — input all wknd edits + write 1500 words
Running — 8 miles (run 2:30/ walk 2:30 — repeat endlessly)
Goal: average under 16:30 per mile (I’m slow)

Tuesday:Writing — write 2500 words
Running — rest!

Wednesday: Writing — write 2750
Running — 45 minutes of strength training

Thursday: Writing — write 3000
Running — R-3/W-2 for 50 minutes
Goal – Avg under 15:30 per mile

Friday: Writing — write 1500 words
Running –1 hour strenth training
Walk 30 minutes

Saturday: Writing — Edit week’s work
Running — R3/W1 for 36 minutes
Goal: Avg under 15:30



  1. 11,250 words a week – awesome! I’m working on my cheer – so far I’ve got:

    Go…Jen! Rah!

    I realize it’s rough, but it will shape up with a few rounds of editing. 😉

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — August 24, 2009 @ 4:47 am | Reply

  2. LOL, thanks!

    Unfortunately I do not have my own Ursula. 😦

    Comment by love2wryte — August 24, 2009 @ 4:58 am | Reply

  3. I will lend you Ursula if you need her, but be beware. She’s mean.

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — August 24, 2009 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

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