Writing Can Be Murder

October 13, 2009

Writing in my sleep?

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I woke up, rolled over, squinted at the clock which I couldn’t read, turned off the rain (okay, I turned off the noise machine that was set to “rain”) reached for my glasses, and…they weren’t there!

Did you catch where I said I couldn’t read the clock? I once told a friend who’d worked at an optician’s my exact prescription. She collapsed into a puddle of giggles before breathlessly gasping, “Oh my god, you’re blind!”

I don’t find it that amusing.

Especially when I can’t find my glasses, which should have been on the bedside table where I leave them (within reach, in case I have to read the freaking clock). So I got up and patted down every inch of night table surface, but they weren’t there. Then I got on my hands and knees and started patting the floor (without my glasses I literally cannot see my own feet so I sure as hell can’t see anything on the floor) thinking maybe the glasses had fallen to the floor.

The Dog of Death thought this was an exciting new game (more joy before I’d had coffee) I considered killing him.

My glasses were nowhere to be found. This could only mean one thing…well, two.

1) Apparently I did my annoying sleepwalking thing last night wearing my glasses

2) They could be anywhere.

So I stumbled out to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee. (already made, cup next to the carafe, so no mishaps) I patted down the kitchen counters and table. No eyeglasses.

Then I remembered I had an old pair in a box on my dresser, so I carefully made my way back to the bedroom, rummaged through the box and found the frames…of my prescription sunglasses. They were better than nothing (but not much since it’s a grey, overcast day)

So now I could sorta see…except for the fact it was dark and this was an outdated prescription so I ended up with an instant headache. It was time to commence the Great Eyeglass Hunt.

I looked in the fridge (I’ve been known to leave the phone in the fridge so this made perfect sense to me…) I looked in the bathroom, I lifted the seat cushions in the living room, and finally, finally I found them on my desk in my office.

Which begs the question: Was I trying to write in my sleep???


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  1. I need my glasses to find my glasses too. Worse, though was the night the cats decided to play with my contact lens case and I had to go hunting for it. I can find my contact stuff without my glasses, but I can’t function without my contacts.

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — October 14, 2009 @ 2:01 am | Reply

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