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December 30, 2009

The Training Log and other great discoveries

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Best discovery of 2009? A training log.

I used one for my half-marathon training and it served as a task-master, cheerleader, remote memory, and coach.

So this year I’ll be using a Planner as my writing training log. I just filled in my writing appointments for the first two months of the year. Ambitious goals…perhaps unattainable. Then again that’s what I thought when I embarked on my half-marathon adventure. Oh, and because I’m doing another half-marathon in May, I’ll be filling out my actual training log for that.

Honorable mentions go to:

My friends — they’re awesome. Not a new discovery but something I’m reminded of again and again.

Bananagrams — I’ve already elaborated on the addictive game

Minute Ready to Serve Brown and Wild Rice — throw the plastic cup into the microwave and voila! a minute later the rice is done.

Jarred Pesto — It’s sort of like cheese in that it makes everything better. Just used it in turkey burgers.

Reynolds Wrap Easy Release Non-Stick Foil — It doesn’t stick to roast chicken, lasagna, or anything else with a cheesy/sticky surface — great stuff

Half Marathon — an awesome, damn near spiritual, life-changing experience

My musical keyboard — I still suck, but I’m having fun trying to play it

Amazon Wish Lists — I love getting someone something they actually want. I like getting stuff I want (the planner, the training log, and the bananagrams were all gifts given to me (thanks J&J!) because they were on my wish list) and you can’t beat the ease of Amazon.

So what about you? Did you make any grand discoveries this year?


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  1. Great post! I discovered less time on the Internet makes me more productive. LOL – but I still read certain blogs…;)

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — December 30, 2009 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

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