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March 31, 2010

Reading and watchin’ Wednesday — 3-31-10

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I just read that Castle was renewed. Don’t get me started on this week’s sucky episode…even Susan Sullivan’s part was sucky.

We watched a terrble movie…I won’t even name it since I’m pissed I surrendered 90 minutes of my life to it.

I finished Lawrence Block’s HITMAN. It was okay. Not great. Not bad. But because it’s really just a set of linked short stories, it was a great book to pick up and put down, pick up and put down.

I’m stretching out DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER because I am LOVING Jeff Lindsay’s voice. Sooooo jealous.

Read Judi McCoy’s HOUNDING THE PAVEMENT. I don’t usually read such light, frivolous stuff, but it was mildly amusing. I was relieved that the killer wasn’t who I thought it was on page 49.

I’m thinking of using my B&N gift card to splurge on the latest by Beth Ciotta and Harlan Coben. But I’m also consider starting on The Spellmans series by Lisa Lutz.

What are you reading and watching?


March 30, 2010

What’s cookin’ Tuesday…aka whatchya drinkin?

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Nothing interesting on the food front this week, but I’ve been thinking about alcohol a lot.

For one thing, my WIP is put in motion by the actions of a drunk driver. For another, someone this week asked me if I drink. My answer was sort of “No.” “Yes.” “No.”

I drink occassionally. Like if I have ten drinks in a year it’s a lot. I’ve got no problem with those who drink in moderation (loud, sloppy idiots and those who get behind the wheel are another story) it’s just that I have what I call a healthy fear of alcohol.

I have bad genes. With more than one alcoholic hanging upside down in the family tree I don’t like the idea of tempting fate. That, and I worry that not only am I Irish (no offense to the sober Irish out there) but also Native American (again, no offense).

This week, feeling a bit overwhelmed by what I’d done and what I’m trying to do, I was desperate for a drink. (I wasn’t unaware of the whole writer/alcohol cliche of it all).

I opened the cabinet we keep the liquor in it and stared at all the pretty bottles (some of which have to be close to 20 years old…while Long Suffering drinks his doctor-prescribed glass of red wine on an almost nightly basis…okay, it’s more like half a glass…pathetic really…he too is not much of a drinker.)

I ended up drinking….wait for it……a glass of milk.

The hard stuff!

Do you drink? And do you think it helps your creativity?

March 29, 2010

Napping and creativity

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I’m exhausted…but I’m not complaining. It’s an exhaustion born of an extended bout of creativity as I embark on a new WIP. Still, this almost manic inspiration is burning me out.

I took naps both Saturday and Sunday and I actually slept. Long Suffering, who knows of the powers of such things, is an excellent napper. He closes his eyes, he goes to sleep, the alarm goes off, and he feels refreshed from his nap.

Me? I usually lie there beside him. Practicing deep breathing or meditating or just zoning out, but I almost never sleep. But this weekend I took three naps (assuming that waking up Sunday morning, getting up and then deciding I should go back to sleep counts as a nap) and I slept every time.

After every nap, I got up and wrote. And it’s good stuff…soaring stuff, not that plodding drivel I often do. So I decided to see if the naps were responsible and this is article in Psychology Today

So now I’m wondering, do you nap regularly? And if so, what the benefits or drawbacks?

March 26, 2010

What a week!

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I agonized over making a difficult decision.
I made the difficult decision.
I followed through on the difficult decision.
I was depressed.
I was relieved.
I am hopeful.
I started a new WIP.
I wrote the synopsis for the new WIP.

Wait! Did you read that right? Did I write a synopsis BEFORE writing the book? Why yes, I did.

I wrote a synopsis for the new WIP that rocks. (9 out of 10 dentists have told me so)

I had lunch with the WonderTwin Sisters. (okay the “real” Wonder Twins were brother and sister, but if you spent any time with these two you’d dub them the WonderTwin Sisters too)

I shared the rockin’ synopsis with a couple of people– each in their own way confirmed that the story does indeed rock (tho I’m not sure I’ve ever hear C use the f-word quite so many times in one breath before)

What a week it has been!

March 25, 2010

How I see my world 3/25/10

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I received these rocks and shells yesterday…especially chosen for me by a wonderfully unique individual. Aren’t they great? I’m thinking I may add an air plant to the mix, just to finish the look. Whatchya think?

Reading and Watchin’ Wednesday 3/24

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Happy Birthday J!

I’m reading a few decent books right now:

HITMAN by Lawrence Block


and a couple of others I’m not sure whether I’ll discuss.

And if anybody else is watching Castle: do you want to beat the show writers over the head with HEAT WAVE or are you happy that they’re beating you over the head with it?

Oh, and tell me what you’re reading and/or watching!

March 23, 2010

What’s cookin’ Tuesday — 3/23

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I’m in search of a great (I’d even settle for good) quinoa recipe. If you’ve got one let me know.

This week I’ve really been into condiments.

I’ve been loving Wholly Guacamole’s 100 calorie packs — because sometimes you don’t want a whole guac, but they tend to go bad quickly. I’ve used the guacamole instead of mayo on a sandwhich and I’ve slopped some on some spicy black bean soup.

I’m also loving this golden balsamic vinegar I just bought. It comes in a spray bottle — how brilliant is that?!?! A squirt or two from that and a squirt or two from my olive oil mister and my salad is lightly dressed.

What are your favorite condiments?

March 22, 2010

Daffodils and Forsythia

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Spotted the first yellow blooms of daffodils and forsythia this morning on my run. Filled with a sense of hope for this season of renewal.

Then a dark, grey fog rolled in (it was like something out of a horror movie). Way to burst my bubble, Mother Nature.

March 19, 2010

Send me a sign

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A couple of weeks ago Kate Perry blogged about recognizing signs. (The post is cleverly named “Signs” if you go to check it out.)

I’m looking for a sign. I’m wrestling with a dilemma, one of those questions were one day I’m convinced I should go one way, and the next day (or more accurately, the next hour) I’m equally convinced I should go in the other direction. It’s the last thing I think about at night and the first thing that springs to mind in the morning (starting each day anxious and nauseated is not the best feeling).

I’ve been looking for signs to help guide me down the right path. I haven’t found any. Maybe the fact that I’m even asking the question is its own answer?

Do you believe in signs? Do you pay attention to them? Or do you only realize their significance afterward?

Pics of my desk

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All it’s missing is a coffee cup, or two…or three…

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