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March 16, 2010

8 mile obstacle course of gratitude

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The weather only got worse after my 5k on Saturday morning…lots more rain (parts of the state got 7 inches over the course of the wknd!) and lots more wind (with gusts up to 78 mph!) and sadly a number of deaths were blamed on the storm (spring thaw + soaking rain + crazy winds = lots of toppled trees).

I was a bit worried about the eight miles on today’s schedule. I chickened out (or erred on the side of caution) and stayed away from the state park I was going to run in. Instead I did two loops on my four mile course. Even that was a bit of an obstacle course with flooding (I know there’s pavement at the bottom of that gigantic puddle, but I can’t see it) a ton of debris (fallen branches, pinecones, and acorns waiting to trip me up) and an occassional windblown treasure (who the hell in North East Jersey had pink, plastic flamingos stuck in their yard?!?!).

While the conditions weren’t optimal (it was 45 and rained for the last three miles) I found myself grateful as I strode (okay, shuffled) past uprooted trees, downed power, cable, and phone lines, and fallen fences, because I knew that none of the damage had affected my home.

I could have blissed out entirely about my good fortune, if it weren’t for the constant whining of all the damn chain saws….


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