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July 19, 2010

Makeup free Monday

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Have you heard about Makeup free Monday?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because I realized that one of my manuscripts opens with a character applying lipgloss while in the car. (not exactly an earthshaking moment I know)

More importantly I realized that she doesn’t apply any other cosmetics for the rest of the book. (I know, I know, you’re wondering why the hell I thought this deserves its own blog post…hang in there, I’m getting to it)

Here’s the thing about novels…they’re about inner journeys. Sure, external events move the story along, but in order for a book to feel satisfying to me, I need the main character to have undergone some sort of internal transformation.

This particular character of mine encounters a string of challenges along her journey (yeah, yeah, yeah all characters do) and she meets them all…because of her internal growth.

Which is one of the reasons she has a makeup free manuscript.

For the record, I’m undertaking the Makeup Free Monday experiment in real life…consider yourself warned!



  1. I have makeup free days – not always Mondays. I do prefer it when I don’t have to slather stuff on, but for the sake of the viewing public, if I’m going out, I usually do apply mascara and some concealer. Only because I hate to be mistaken for Patient Zero in a global epidemic. I gave up on lip gloss a long time ago, invariably the taste gets annoying.

    Comment by Jennifer Colgan — July 19, 2010 @ 6:13 pm | Reply

  2. I’m makeup free! Okay, I was makeup free before I knew it was Makeup Free Monday–or even Monday.

    Incidentally, in my world it’s also Avoid Mirrors Monday. Just saying.

    Comment by Kate Perry — July 20, 2010 @ 2:43 am | Reply

  3. I can definitely do Makeup Free Mondays… so long as I’m not going anywhere. But I guess that defeats the purpose, huh?

    Comment by Jenny — July 20, 2010 @ 2:58 am | Reply

  4. Jennifer — lol, I LOVE lipgloss (and now that they make some with SPF I’ve got a good excuse to wear it)

    Kate — Oh shut up, You Who Still Get Carded

    Jenny — In a word “yes”

    Comment by love2wryte — July 20, 2010 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

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