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August 31, 2010

Two for Tuesday 8-31-10

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One word I hate — “ain’t” Ain’t is the equivalent of the proverbial nails on a chalkboard to me. I cringe every time I hear it.

One phrase I love — “Thank you” IMHO this is an underused phrase. More strangers should say it to one another. Family and friends should be more generous with its usage.

So tell me what words/phrases do you love or hate?


August 30, 2010

Monday Menu — tuna in oil

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Okay, everyone keeps talking about how tuna in oil is SOOO much better so I caved and bought some.

Since, as my grandmother would say, “It’s hot as Hades out!” I think I’m going to make an easy pasta salad with it using whatever’s in the fridge and serve it on a bed of mixed greens.

Right now I’m planning on it being a combo of tuna, Barilla plus elbows, shallots, black olives, red bell pepper, cucumber, celery, carrots, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, capers, dill, lime juice, and greek yogurt. Sounds pretty good, right?

Have you tried tuna in oil (or is it what you normally eat) and what do you make with it?

August 27, 2010

Fascinating Friday 8-27-10

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This week I spent way too much time looking at the Skull A Day blog.

What fascinated you this week?

August 26, 2010

Discussion over breakfast

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ME (back of hand pressed to forehead, practically wailing) “I don’t understand why it’s taking me sooooooo long to get into this manuscript.”

LONG SUFFERING “You complain a lot. It’s part of your writing process.”

(He’s right!)

August 24, 2010

Reading, Watching, Listening, Writing 8-25-10

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Reading — A book about creativity that I’m on the fence about so I’m not going to comment. Just started Plum Spooky.

Watching — Have I mentioned that I’m a fan of Tavis Smiley? If I remember to eat lunch at one, he’s my company.

Listening — Dude! If you’re trying to figure out who to kill in your next book you probably shouldn’t be listening to an endless loop of “How to save a life” by the Fray. I’m just sayin’….

Writing — having a BLAST with my new WIP!

What’s keeping you entertained?

Two for Tuesday 8-24-10

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Two books I never finished (okay, there’s A LOT more than two, but I figured I’d share this pair)

1) The Davinci Code — I tried to read it on an airplane, where there’s nothing else to do, and I still gave up on it.

2) The Kite Runner — I tried. Three freaking times. I just couldn’t get into it.

Now you tell me: What books have you failed to finish?

August 23, 2010

Meatless Monday menu 8-23-10

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Because of the BIG BLOG CHANGES that are coming next month, I’m moving our food discussions to Mondays.

Which brings me to my question of the day: Do you participate in Meatless Mondays?

It’s a nationwide trend to cut down on our consumption of meat.

Our household usually does go meatless on Monday. Not because of the trend, but because if we do eat meat, it tends to be on the weekend. As a general rule, we try to go meatless every other day and we only have red meat once every week or two.

For dinner tonight we’ll be having either eggs or a tuna melt.

For lunch we’re having a Quinoa and Chickpea salad

which is similar to this recipe…although I use shallots instead of garlic, lime juice instead of lemon, I don’t add the extra salt, I use roasted almonds, and it’s being served over mixed greens…and I don’t measure anything and I added a handful of chopped stringbeans to the mix. Yeah, just like that.

Okay, your turn. What meatless meal will you be eating this week?

August 21, 2010

Too stupid to live…literally

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If you tweet (or text) and drive like this idiot, you get what you deserve (imho)

Or am I crazy?

Wait! Don’t answer that!!!

August 20, 2010

What are you afraid of?

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Me…I’m terrified of “techie” stuff because I suck at it. (I’m sharing this because I desperately need to perform a makeover on this blog.)

I’m also afraid of:

Snow and Ice

I’m leery of:

White foods
Petless people
Men wearing bathrobes who get into the elevator with me
People with crappy handshakes

So what are you afraid of?

August 19, 2010

Villain wanted: apply immediately

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I love a good villain (truth be told, I’m more interested in a villian than a hero/heroine).

Right now, I desperately need one for the book I’ve just started. I can’t find him or her. I’ve been trying.

I’ve never run into this situation before. EVER. Usually my antagonist(s) are clearer to me than my protagonist(s).

So I’m going to ask you to inspire me — tell me who some of your favorite villains of all time are…doesn’t have to be a character from a book.

I’ll start us off:

Pennywise from IT

The Deaf Man from the 87th Precinct Books

John Doe from Se7en

Jack of All Trades from the tv series Profiler

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